March 21st, 2013

Where is the split?

Where is the split? Where do we put ourselves? As we might like to believe we are being ourselves, or not quite ourselves, or as I was told more recently, are in a funny mood, it does beg the question is not everything we do and how we do it not who we are? Does the very fact of us being the author and deliverer of us not make it always us?

We are in a time whereby social comprehension is under constant reevaluation. Not a time more than now does an emphasis on who we are, or what constitutes our own behaviour come under scrutiny. As some of us may pick an element of who we feel we are, or would like to be, and places this into the world, while others create pages of nobody, nobodies interacting with other-bodies? to serve to influence how they are portrayed, to create response and influence the lives of others they are to call ‘friends’.

The split, then, is not a spit at all, it is simply abstract. It shifts and twists, redefining itself over and over and over again. We are simply us, and it is them who try to define, it is them who make us who they think we are. Like a clocking in card, registering a moment of comprehension, of definition, before the shift begins all over again.

Our influence on others is intoxicating. The way we connect to others is life changing. Our time and our interaction should not be a passive and residue of existence, but an activity in itself that is in constant evaluation, under constant adjustment.

Our connection to others, our own personal division and the imposed division of ourselves, is a melting pot of mingled personalities, whereby finding a split is like finding the edge where glue meets glue.

(this upload is to be played along with Lucia’s found here)