April 9th, 2013



So recently I have been struggling with time, not managing my time, but owning my own time. I am sure this rings true for many people. The difference this time, is that I have made some decisions that will eventually give me back my time. After all, my time is mine, and why wouldn’t I be able to own it?

I was offered something recently, that would probably have taken up more of my time, but decided I would not take the chance. I was in a position recently, to earn a fair bit of money, money that would come in handy, but this money would mean almost all my free time would be taken up…taken away. I decided to turn way this money. It wasn’t worth my time. Currently I am finishing the last of my freelance web work, as this too is taking up to much of my time. Again the money comes in handy, but what good is money if I have no time to do anything with it. And I would have to say for me, money is a tool, a choice, not a way of life, and I choose no.

So what will I do with this spare time?

I will begin my record label soon. I will release the music I feel needs to be released. I will pay the people who deserve to be paid. I will create chances for those who deserve a chance. I will travel to see those who I want to see. I will marry those who I have always wanted to marry. I will share my knowledge with those who are willing to use it.

But more importantly than all this. I will decide to be me. I will choose for me, as choosing for me, means those who stick around, will be able to share the fun.