April 15th, 2013

Back to basics.


There often seems to be something in my creative output that prevents me from doing what I want to. With this I don’t mean the stopping of creating through having no time, like I have mentioned in previous posts, but more a hesitation in beginning down a path that will probably yield satisfying results. Stopping myself from doing something that will work, stopping myself in doing something that I am desperate to do.

A possible thought might be “lets not get too complicated or fussy”, or “that will surely work, so lets try something that wont for a while first”.

Well recently after receiving some criticism in my day job I decided to change this, I say criticism but what I actually mean is more a direct challenge to what I hold as a core to my purpose in being there in the first place. I am very pleased I received what I did, as what was a very high determination to do things the best they can be done, has now found a new life, in doing even closer to what I believe. This push has crossed over into stopping the hesitation, and doing what I think I should, but otherwise might put aside.

Welcome back Akai S2800, I have missed you. You have been a key part in my life, and have the wear marks on your dial to prove it. The times we have spent together has never been forgotten, but now the past is revisited, and unlike what was once a memory fondled and recited, I am bringing back into my life, and you and me will create once again. I am sorry to have neglected you, but now is no time to feel sorry, lets make sounds together, but lets make up for lost time. Lets explore your sounds and filters like no other machine has, and lets show those too who have forgotten your sound.

Welcome back Akai S2800.