June 6th, 2013

Late night thoughts and sounds

SM-LL, my new label, is progressing forward finally. It has been a tough time getting things together, mainly through the lack of having the time in each day to make everything the best I can possibly make it. Everyone who has helped, and those who are still helping, has been amazing, I thank you all. I am finally feeling like it has been worth the wait.

The need to get something done at a certain time, reach our goals and desires, doesn’t always sit well when those targets or markers have been missed. For me, looking back, the delay of which is probably now approaching nearly 6 months, has turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. Much has changed, yet much has fixed itself solid. I know where I am going, and know much more, and I know there is much more I need to know too.

Time invested into something normally yeilds something special. That’s not to say we have to ponder over everything before we do something, but more that pondering over it after we have done it can reveal things that we couldn’t have in the heat of the moment.

Tonights upload, a quick jam, and the result of letting things take their own course. I have to say this ‘letting it do its thing’ it is not a way I particularly like working. As many of you who follow this blog will know, letting things just flow is a tricky one for me. Where is it going? How can I push in a certain direction? What did I do to get that sound? However, listening back to tonight upload another time, might just yeild something I am missing right now.