June 7th, 2013

New times need new ways.

So another upload, yes two in a row, maybe I am trying to get back into the swing of creating on a regular basis again. We shall see.

Something I am noticing recently, comes with the introduction of some new toys. It is difficult to ignore them, they sit, blinking at me, tempting me. Sometimes my machines seem to do more to intefere than help me. Something I have mentioned many times on this blog is perhaps happening to me now without me fully realising it. These iconic machines, my machines that I own, are trying to own me. Their dials that want to be turned, their effects want to sound in and around pure sounds,pasting themselves over everything, not letting anything be pure and clean.

The speed of creation has changed, the expectation of result. The mode in which I approach creativity has slightly shifted with these new machines.

I wonder if perhaps why much music that seems stale (to my ears) seems using similar software. The generic sound that seems to be creeping into many peoples output. The idea of right and wrong seems more apparent than ever before, and yet when I was young, there was no right and wrong as such, it was open, endless, the future. Right and wrong only existed between electronic music and say a completely different and often more classic genre altogether. I wonder have some of us become that old man creating something that more fits an era and less about the era itself. Those times of the past that we might be emulating, were not looking back at themselves like we are them. They were looking forward.

It is true that it is not the equipment you use, but how you use it. However, the equippment we use often insists it is used in certain ways. In this sense, it is perhaps more not a case of how we use our equipment, but what equipment we use.

The iconic machines want us to use them, so they can use us.

Tonights upload is the first of two ideas I explored tonight. The first seemed to easy, to safe, and I wanted something harder, harsher, more extreme. The second, mainly made on the Nord G1, when listening back seem too harsh, too extreme. I wanted something safe and recognisable once again. Alas it is the first one that I am sharing.

I can sense that battle of the iconic machines is taking place in my studio. Tomorrow is another day.