July 3rd, 2013

Amongst the static some simplicity is needed.


An unclear mind, a third or possibly fourth attempt at writing something…almost certainly will end in a type of failure.

Yesterdays creation sounds good today…or does it, maybe it doesn’t anymore.

A static seems to be filled in my brain, my ears, my focus, and things seem more problematic than usual. Although unusual it perhaps isn’t, it often seems to rotate.

A rotation of similar and familiar, forming our perspectives and deciding how we make decisions. Sometimes we seem almost passengers to our own existence, unable to move to where we want to go.

If staring at the static for too long, abstract images will appear, and chase your eyes.

Perhaps swimming in static for a while is a good thing. With even more static then the previous static will seem clear by comparison. So there is a sense of constant comparison to that of before and that of the similar or familiar.

A flurry of words on a page, although even that is not true anymore, the page is made of more static, many pixels formed together…the static is everywhere.

Simplicity is calling.