November 24th, 2013

Mixer Jam.


So it has been a little while since I posted to my blog, but lots of things have been happening that has deserved some focus. Also I suppose part of the reason I haven’t posted is not having much I want to say. I guess for those of you who know me, that might be a little hard to believe.

So what has changed that has pushed to post now? Well I bought something that has been in the back of my mind for some time now… a new mixer :)

As a young teenager growing up listening to lots of electronic and techno music, a vast majority of this was created either through playing parts live or manipulated on the mixing desk. This was a time when software was not used as much as it is now, and ways to change both the sound and structure of a track was often done on the desk using faders and mutes. I was no exception in this and in most of music, or at least the ones I enjoyed creating the most, tracks were made up of little more than loops running around in Cubase on the Atari, leaving me to create interesting and almost always spontaneous sounds on the mixer. I have always enjoyed working this way and have been missing it for a long, long time. At times I honestly thought I would never get to work that way, but then I realised I just simply change.

So for todays upload I thought I would create something used a few favourite silver boxes, the 303 and 606, and some outboard fx. I have also wired up through the mixers auxilaries a reverb and delay from the laptop.

Enjoy the upload, and if you have any questions then drop me a line on Facebook.