December 11th, 2013



So I thought given we have been having such amazing fog today, I would do something I don’t normally do, and that is a little re-created a little melody using a synth sound I worked on based on John Carpenters The Fog, and the track called ‘Where’s the Seagrass” all sequenced through my new bestest friend ever… Cubase.

(Yes, go buy yourself an Atari Mr Clough)

I have to say, what should have been a very, very quick little thing this afternoon, turned into a blooming nightmare while I thought I would really tweak the sounds even more. I intended to have unique envelopes for each filter, and one set for each oscillator. Still, after wondering why notes where cancelling and deleting half the patch n an attempt to bug check, I released although the sound wasn’t massively long audibly on the release, alas it was there just filter out. Doh!

Anyway, a long story short, the patch was simplified, the fog disappeared outside our studio window in typical British weather, Lucia is hungry as it is my turn to cook (not sure how that happened again) and I was kind of left feeling like I was all dressed up with no party to goto.


A short, collection of chords to get you in that foggy mood. An enjoyable albeit long winded process of working on synth sounds as apposed to noodle based patches. And I think I might well do some more of this in the future, although hopefully a little more interesting.

One thing that did come to mind, the sound of those Moogs used by Carpenter, wow! The texture in the release of the notes is really nice. I think he has some subtle ringing reverb or something on the sound but still, a really nice kind of subtle metallic ping just as the envelope does its thing. The Nord sounds… well, weak as Nescafe by comparison. Its power is elsewhere, but really that analogue sound has so much detail in one sound, so subtle but so full of hiss, clicks, buzzes, and flaws. It’s no wonder that modern music has a tendency to be sooooo full of rubbish, as the sounds being more digital are basically dead by comparison. Like a perfectly presented dead.

For me perfection is more an idea, a open definition more than a soulless rendition.

Speaking of soulless renditions… enjoy this little Carpenter upload.