December 17th, 2013

Early Hour Bugs

So the Nord G1 has another bug.

It seems when creating a patch, sometimes the polyphony gets confused resulting in less notes able to play through multiples of some of the modules being created when they shouldn’t be.

I had this same problem a few days back but figured it was me, but after totally exhausting all possibilities I did what I should have done straight away and that is try a preset. After doing this the patch seemed to sort itself out. Something about reloading it, might be a possibility, as often is the case that the patch can slightly tweak out while creating a patch.

Anyway, this, and a million other things, mainly chatting and helping others, is why tonights upload is very late, and very very rough.

I figured considering the set up with the Atari running Cubase and finally getting the Nord G1 to behave, I would create a kind of Sh-101 and Juno-60 styled Aphex-esque thing… with a bit of the old 808 sounds tweaked too.

I wanna work more this way again for these uploads although don’t imagine they will always sound this rough, still, even if they do, that’s part of it, sometimes shit just don’t go the way you want it, and thats fine.

Again, apologies for those who have been waiting and all probably like ‘is this it?’ haha. I hope you enjoy it all the same. Incidentally, todays post was meant to be a rant about certain musicians wearing what can only be described as a Street Hawk crash helmet, surrounding themselves in silly lighting and doing their best at turning themselves into some bad action figure… but I guess that will have to wait. We all know what action figure we want, and it’s Tilliander with his array of silver boxes, thats the future… “i’d buy that for a dollar”.