December 31st, 2013


Crazy, another year has flown by.

Did you get all those things done that you wanted to this year? I didn’t… but did you start them? now that’s a start.

I guess many of you are thinking about a New Years resolution, and why not, it’s a fun thing to do. Although perhaps the best one you can think of, is deciding to be able to change who you are anytime of the year not just once each year. To improve yourself, be a better person and help others every single day of your life. Just think of it, would that be amazing. Think where you would be this time next year.

The reason I often go on about this stuff, is for me, be able to make music when I want, or ‘finding the time’ to make music, (heard that one before?) is a recurring decision. It’s not a struggle, or a problem, it’s a decision we make to ether do it… or not. To put it at the top of the list, or let it slide. The decision to find some time in the day dedicated to creating music, or simply doing nothing is something we need to decide. If you are like me, often the decision and action goes against what we really want. We want to spend all day making music and yet we probably spend only a fraction of the week doing it.

If you are to change one thing next year, let it be that you put your passion first above anything else.… and I mean anything and everything. As that passion is something that we easily let slip away and we become only a small fragment of the person we could be, and this is not fair on us or the people we love. We want to be the best person for everyone, and O believe that means making a decision to do what we love.

Put it in your head, and find a way to make it work. It is as simple as that. It might take years, but thats only years in a life of time.

Quit your smoking or your bad habits if you like, but why not put your passion first too. If you don’t know one else can. And if like me you have been putting off one way or another, doing the one thing that really matters, then make it now that this changes, make it now you put it first. Put yourself and your passions first, then go help someone else find theirs. :)

Well, thanks to everyone who has supported me, emailed me, become friends, met me, all the amazing things from this blog, thank you for it all, and let make more of it.

Happy New Year to you and all those you care about. And see you tomorrow for the beginning of another year of daily Nord G1 uploads.