January 6th, 2014

Sleep on it

Fourth attempt at writing something, many attempts at creating something tonight to share, but not really satisfied with my commitment.

There is one thing that is always a good idea… sleep on it.

Update: I have realised that creating an upload everyday with my current studio setup is actually stopping me workng on tracks, or being able to finish tracks, which is far more important to me than, well, anything else.

So, I have decided to stop the daily uploads.

I failed at making it a second year, sorry for those who were looking forward to this. While typing this now I feel it is a good thing. I was a bit concerned, but know realise this is right.

Although I failed, I am pleased I give it a go, but really more interested in working on tracks again. To be able to work for long amounts of time on something will increase the quality and also my ability in focusing my time on what is important. And also this is jut basically what I want. I think it shows in the recent uploads too, some of the early one this year where quite exciting medlodic things, I quite like them, but know they are getting poor in my view, and I know I am not enjoying it, and I can tell I would sooner be working on something else, or spending time making some more finished to share on Soundcloud, which is being negletced.

There is a possibility that I might upload something again in the future, but I have a sneaking feeling deep down inside of me that says I am done with it… for now, ceratinly.

I want to thank everyone who has followed my uploads, and continue to enjoy them, who I have met through them, and especially those people who have bought red equipment because of me :)

Keep your eyes and ears peeling for better music elsewhere from me.