December 2nd, 2014

It's back

So, after what seemed like a huge break away from doing my daily uploads… the hunger is back.

This time around, instead of purely focusing on the Nord Modular G1, I have decided to use whatever machines take my fancy, although it’s likely that there will still be a focus on one particular machine at a time.

What has changed since last time?

The studio looks much the same but with a new addition of the Roland SH-101, which I will certainly be using over the coming days. It’s been a long time since I have used this machine and it still sounds as good as it ever did, well actually that’s a lie, it sounds better than I remembered it.

Another change to this blog, will be all the audio uploads will now be stored over at my pokk!_tracks soundcloud account. It is a slow process to upload all the audio but I hope to have it finished sometime later this week.

Also bare with me as I am adjusting this website and updatig the audio links.

Today’s upload is using the Nord Modular G1, for a change. With the exception of some mixer magic, it is just that machine on its own, doing its thing.

Go buy one.