December 7th, 2014

Resonant Arpeggio

Is having less time better?

I am starting to have the firm belief that having less time to do something is possibly a much better way to get stuff done. The first concern is that, well, it wont be as good as you want it to be if you don’t have the time to get it right. I think that’s true, however, I also think that getting something right is not down to how long you spend on it, but more about how quickly something you are happy with occurs. I don;t know if this is soely down to the time spent on it, but more a question of desire. The only benefit of spending more time on something, technically, is that the more time you spend, the more chance you might have of that perfect thing happening, this would only really work if we are able to have the same respsonses during time, which obviously we don’t.

Did you ever start something and after spending ages on it, only to find that first little crappy effort you did in the first few minutes turns out to the be the best?

Perhaps it is not down to what time is available that benefits the outcome, but more what choices you make in the time we do have.