December 8th, 2014

Resonant 16 step


After spending yesterday trying to find good sound with arguably more time than was required, this morning I decided to concentrate back on the basics of the simple arrangement of elements, in case notes on Cubase, and then finding sound that works for that arrangement.

Often when we hear of how a track was made, a favourite or famous one perhaps, if your anything like me, and regardless of your experience, it always seems to be created so easily. And to be honest some of the best ideas I think are quite straight forward. I think the magic of sound is such that on occasion it seems to just work so perfectly well together, like it was always meant to fit.

This reminds of those times when playing about in the studio, when all of a sudden a sound or melody comes out of the speakers that is recognisable as something we have heard before, and straight away the equipment seems to come alive. I think this is a good example of how a certain arrangement of elements, can produce something that can stick with us for a long time.