December 16th, 2014

Old and new


Today’s upload is revisiting a sound I explored back when I was 15/16, some 20 years ago now, using the basic equipment I had at the time. A combination of heavy resonant bass distorted through tape delay, in this case the Roland RE-201. As I have today, I would create interesting patterns and notes, informed by the delay while tweaking the frequency and settings on the 101 to get something that sounded dubby, but slightly abstract and stripped back. To add variation I would often play with the delay settings or creating shift between wet and dry signals, or short or long delay settings.

Also for this upload, I have tried out a new service that both makes me slightly worried but at the same time also kind of helps me out a little too. The service is a free mastering service (at least for mp3’s) whereby you simply upload your track, click a button and it masters it for you… automatically.


So yeah, kind of worrying for lots of reasons that I wont go into right now, but much like the time when 50 men were replaced by one man who pushes a button, it has massive bad sides, but also quite a fair few good sides too.

For now at least, I think I am going to try it out, and see how this service might be useful for me, or how I feel it might be used. Already I can see potentially more equal volume of sounds between my uploads, another quick way to demo ideas and yeah, it could potentially save people lots of money and time.

However, anyone who has read this knows my view on ‘saving time’, it is one of cause and affect, and by saving time, we often loose the very thing that made things better. Essentially, time allows thought and thoughts allows good things to happen. Removing this with a click of a button create a knock on affect that could be quite dramatic. Still, having said that, it is down to the individual, and I don’t suppose even more crap music out there will pose any major problem for me personally. Much in the vain of the UK 80’s TV programme ‘Points of View’, whereby bored house bound individuals would phone up to complain about the impact of a certain level of “filth” on England’s TV sets, I always though a programme who spent it’s time talking about such so called “filth” could have simply told there viewers so simply turn over, allowing their programme to serve no further purpose… which in all probability is why it isn’t on today, at least, not in that clothing.

Decide for yourself, try it out, see how you feel about it.

Enjoy, the upload.