May 27th, 2016

moog mother 32 bass dub

Today’s upload is a result of testing the triggering of the Nord Modular G1 from the Moog Mother 32 using a patch I already created to use with triggering from my Roland TR-606 toms. I wasn’t sure it would work the same but it ended up working perfectly. Should anyone want the patch by the way, drop me an email, it’s no problem.


The bass throbbing comes from the Moog Mother 32 and using the sequencer. I am slowly getting to grip with it, it’s not complicated, it’s just far from intuitive, but persistence is the key. The bouncing ball style pattern is the lfo’s running into the tempo and reset to keep it all tidy. Definitely the type of patch that yeilds some interesting grooves.

The bass drum sound is coming from the Nord Modular G1, and using a patch based loosely on the classic Roland TR-606, TR-808 style bd, essentially a pulse firing into a resonant filter.

All the noise and movement comes from various FX’s, but the main beef is from driving through the DBX 160A compressors, and boy what machines they are, highly recommended.

I let it settle down towards the end to just be the bass and bass drum sounds minus the FX, with only the compressor doing its bit.

It’s a very repetitive jam, the way I like it.