May 31st, 2016

Pete Namlook

When the day is overcast, rain hitting my window, the day seems night, the same music always hits my ears, that of Pete Namlook.


Today’s upload is a bit of a cover version of Pete Namlook’s ‘Duane Sky’ under his ‘Sequential’ alias. I probably spent far to long on this, going back and forth on sounds, layers, decisions, until, as always, simply settling on the bare minimum.

I struggle greatly to create music with much going on, it simply confuses me. I sit there for hours tweaking eq, moving things about, until I end up removing almost everything and work with just a few sounds, and only then to things start to sit together for me. I think it might be to do with my wanting to hear sounds in the best way they can be heard, and not compromised to fit with others. It seems odd to me, to make many sounds to then tweak them to fill up the frequency range, when one sound could do the job just as well.

The sub kick is a sample from my SH-101, the percussion is Roland R8 samples, the roaring note is Moog Mother 32 and the glistening melody is me playing my SH-101 live and rather badly, just like Aphex Twin used to…that takes practice you know ;)

I hope you enjoy the cover, but be sure to listen to the original, it’s obviously much better, as is all Pete Namlooks music. R.I.P.