The first year

Nearing the end of 2011 I started to think about what I could do to overcome some small issues around my creativite output. Problems around such things as hesitance, perfection, focus, commitment, time management, pessimism, and the inability to ship.

After speaking with my partner Lucia, she suggested I should create something everyday on my Clavia Nord Modular G1 synthesizer, and post it to a blog with a little writing. Remembering how inspiring the daily sounds of Taylor Deupree and Marcus Fischer had been, partnered with wanting to learn more about the Nord Modular but never having the time, this seemed like a perfect idea.

So, for a whole year, I did exactly that.

What next?

After a few breaks here and there, I continue to upload sounds to this blog, helping me keep a level of focus both in the studio and in creative output in general. I continue to value shipping early, and have integrated into music creativity and curation software developement practices, such as Agile and MVP

It’s blue?

The design of this blog has been various, yet never have I settled on anything I felt properly dealt with my interest in, and necisity of, systems, and the breaking of those systems.

Since the blue however, I believe for the first time ever this design is beginning to tackle something worth exploring, and believe this will certainly influence how I engage with this blog, what I upload, what I write about, and my general perspective of mono-log.